Google Makes It Easier to Switch from iPhone to Android 12

Google rolled out the Switch to Android app for iPhones earlier this year in an attempt to make it easier for Apple users to give up on their devices and embrace its very own operating system.

And this week, the company has announced a major update for the app, as it now supports Android 12 as well.

In other words, if you currently use an iPhone but plan to make the jump to Android, Google’s Switch to Android app now has what it takes to make the transmission as smoothly as possible, even if your choice is a device running the latest stable version of Google’s operating system.

Android 12 support

Published on the App Store, the Switch to Android app is extremely easy to use, allowing a seamless transfer of data like contacts, calendars, and photos from an iPhone to an Android device.

“Starting today, support for the Switch to Android app on iOS is rolling out to all Android 12 phones, so you can move over some important information from your iPh… (read more)

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