Google Chrome for Android Updated with Built-in Ad Blocker

Google has updated the Dev and Canary versions of Chrome for Android with a built-in ad blocker, as it pledges to offer users a cleaner browsing experience without third-party add-ons.

Though it’s still in its early days, the new Google Chrome ad blocker is projected to make its way to all browser versions, including desktop and mobile, as part of Google joining the Coalition of Better Ads earlier this year.

At this point, the ad blocker is pretty basic and does not feature any configuration options, with users only allowed to enable or disable it from the settings. There are users who claim that the ad blocker doesn’t show up on their devices, but you can check to see if it’s there on your Android phone by going to Menu > Settings > Site Settings. By default, the Ads section is turned off, so you need to tap it and then toggle the option to on.

Blocking intrusive ads

Since no filters or other configuration options are offered, the ad blocker wil… (read more)

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