Google Camera HDR+ Port Receives RAW Support and Massive Improvements

The Google Camera HDR+ app was ported a while back and made to work with non-Google devices, and now it also comes with RAW support and full HDR customization.

Google phones have this nice application called the Google Camera app, which is good in itself. Even if you were to export it and try to install it on other devices, it would not work. It’s built only for specific devices.

A third-party developer took the time to port the application for other phones, and in one of the latest updates, the application received a lot of interesting features and customizations, well beyond what the original app was providing.

Google should take notes

One of the reasons Android is so popular is that it’s a relatively open system, for the most part. Developers from all over the world can make apps for it, change it in various ways, and improve it. The same goes for the applications made by Google.

The Camera app was already a good one, but that doesn’t mean th… (read more)

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