Google Assistant Now Has a Male Voice as Well

Google added a male voice for its assistant, bringing an extra choice for people that wanted to have this option.

If there’s something all the companies that build mobile operating systems have in common, is that all of their assistants have female voices. No rule says the assistant’s voice has to be female, but that’s what’s happening.

Neither men nor women had any objections about this choice, which is strange, to say the least. In any other domain, people would have argued that it’s a form of discrimination, but that’s not true for mobile devices. Siri already comes with male and female voices, and it’s nice to see that Google is also coming along.

Male voice for Google Assistant

Google is probably trying to stay ahead of the curve, and choose between men and women available to everyone, even if they didn’t ask for it. The option is just there, and it can be changed by users.

The new setting can be found under Preferences in Google Assistant … (read more)

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