Google Assistant Gets Six New Voices, Continued Conversation and Custom Routines

The Google Assistant virtual assistant developed by Google has received a major update today during the Google I/O 2018 event with new voices, continued conversation, custom and scheduled routines, and much more.

According to Google, Google Assistant is now being used on more than 500 million devices, which we think it’s a major milestone for Android’s virtual assistant. Google Assistant is also compatible with more than 5,000 connected home devices and we can find in cars as well, compatible with over 40 brands.

So it’s the right thing for Google to adds more new features to extend Google Assistant’s capabilities. Today, Google announced that its virtual assistant supports six new voices (check out the video attached at the end of the article to see them in action) and more new voices will be coming soon thanks DeepMind’s AI and WaveNet technologies.

“With advancements in AI and WaveNet technology from De… (read more)

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