Google Announces a New Android Experience Built for Kids

Google has just announced a new Android feature that makes its mobile operating system more appropriate for kids.

Called Kids Space, a feature of Android tablets that will make the experience on these devices friendlier for children, while also making it easier to discover content for entertainment and education.

Google says the whole thing is based on personalized recommendations that will be offered to kids, including books and games.

The company explains that it’s not just an algorithm that does the magic, but a system that was built with help from academic experts.

“To evaluate and select “teacher-approved” apps in Google Play, we worked with academic experts and children’s education specialists to define rubrics. For Kids Space, we’ve built on that foundation and applied our quality standard to an ever-expanding library of apps and books in the Play and Read tabs. We worked with top publishers to make popular children’s books free of charge, and have over 40… (read more)

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