Fewer Samsung Phones Could Use a Snapdragon Chip Starting in 2022

At this point, Samsung is selling several of its flagships with either the in-house built Exynos or the Qualcomm Snapdragon, and in the last few years, this approach has caused quite a lot of criticism from customers across the world.

And this is because devices equipped with Snapdragon chips offered substantially improved performance, though they came with very limited availability, which mostly came down to the United States and China.

Everybody else just got the Exynos version of the Samsung high-end models, and given the Snapdragon difference, it meant most people just had to stick with the slower devices.

All-in on Exynos

This is projected to change beginning with 2022, as Samsung is reportedly working around the clock on improving the Exynos chips in a way that would align their performance with the one of Qualcomm chips.

Of course, this is something that each and every one of us will discover once the new Exynos generation goes live, but … (read more)

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