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Hello everyone, you can now eFootball PES 2020 for Android and I am sure a lot of you are really happy to finally play this game on your Android devices.  This game was released awhile back but I honestly just forgot to write about it, mainly because…you guessed it, I was too busy playing Fifa.

Today we will highlight some reasons why you should go ahead and give eFootball PES 2020 a try. As noted above, I am a vivid Fifa fan even though I have been playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 for awhile on my PlayStation 4 including PES 2019 which was a pretty good game but it had it’s flaws, which is why for 2020, I just stuck with Fifa until I tried this mobile version of PES and wow, I was humbly surprised. It is much better than I thought it would be and they fixed many of the annoying glitches that even bothered me on consoles. One of those being passing the damn ball to a random person even when you tell it where to exactly put the ball, trust me, this happened only at the worst times, not often but still annoying when it does happen. I also like the improved graphics and they did manage to get a license to have the full fledged Juventus team with the stadium and official kits along with likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala in the game. The gameplay like I said, has improved tremendously over the PES 2019(worst version of the game, ever) so I give them thumbs up for that. Let us know in the comments what you think about this game once you decide to try it.

What Is eFootball PES 2020 About?

PES 2020 is a mobile game that is defined by the type of heart-stopping thrills that can only be experienced when facing off against real people in real time.

With eFootball PES 2020 you instantly take creative command of the ball like never before thanks to the brand-new “Finesse Dribble” technique, developed in collaboration with iconic Spanish midfielder Andrés Iniesta. Other enhancements to trapping and overall ball control will also enable you to take advantage of small differences in the way each player plays on the field. We’ve also added the “Inspire” system, which allows certain players to influence the way in which nearby teammates behave. The sum total of these parts is an experience that accentuates player individuality, lending increased importance to choosing the right players for the right situations and tweaking your formation to perfection.

Experience local matchplay with a friend on the same couch, or register a friend online to play together over the internet. In “eFootball”, you can face off against users from around the world, enter time-limited competitive events, and enjoy the very best high-intensity esports gameplay.

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