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Hello everyone, today you can download Turbo Shot for Android and play an exciting new game that hasn’t quiet caught fire yet but I think it will be popular as time goes. This game is brand new, literally about just a week old from the time of this post.

Today we will highlight some reasons why we think you should give this game known as Turbo Shot, a shot, pun intended. This game was developed by Wizard Games Incorporated and and it is an action game, more specifically labeled as a shooting game because the main point of this game is to run and shoot your enemies. I have been playing this game for about an hour now and it is addicting thanks to their evolving levels with unique targets to aim at and clever ways you can dodge and hide from enemy attacks as well. Of course the game is still going to be updated with new features, improvements and weapons so I suggest you at least give a try if you need a quick game to play if you are bored. Let us know in the comments what you think about this game once you decide to try it.

What Is Turbo Shot?

Turbo Shot is easy to learn and fun to master! Use one side of your screen to move and the other side to shoot! Avoid enemy attacks while destroying each enemy to progress.

Turbo Shot will feature an ever increasing set of worlds and levels that will keep the player progressing for years. Levels consist of a series of dozens of combat areas where the player must clear out all enemies before progressing to the next area. Level areas become increasingly difficult until the player is faced with the Level’s unique and formidable Boss!

  • Powerups

As the challenges being faced within a level increase players will defeat enemies, collect XP and rank up. Each rank up will give them the opportunity to pick between three powerups increasing a variety of attributes and abilities, building on each other until the player dies and must restart. Not all powerups will be available from the first time the player plays the game. Players will have to unlock new powerups via loot boxes, achievements and missions which will then be added to the pool of available powerups.

  • Weapons and Armor

While the above mentioned Powerup’s effects will only last in the scope of one attempt at beating a level, the player will be able to use the game’s Lab Menu to buy and upgrade persistent base character stats via new weapons and armor. These persistent stat boosts will include max health, coin drop rate, base damage, etc.

  • Secondary Weapons and Assists

In addition to the basic shooting attack players will be able to unlock devastating secondary special attacks. Such attacks may include a volley of rockets or a long reaching flame thrower, etc. There will be many secondary attacks to unlock and upgrade which will then be available for the player to equip via the Powerups selection.
Similarly the player will be able to unlock friendly NPCs that can help fight along their side. Such NPCs would include drones or fellow soldiers.

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