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Hello everyone, you can now download Summer Catchers for Android and I am sure a lot of you are really happy to finally play this game on your Android devices. This new game is made available for you thanks to the game developers over at Noodlecake Studios Inc.

Today we will highlight some reasons why you should go ahead and give Summer Catchers a try. I have been playing this game about 3 or 4 days now and I like it a lot. At the time of this post, the game is fresh and brand new, and it is actually the first game we have offered on this web site that costs some money. As of right now, the developers of this game have set the price to play at a somewhat fair prices off $3.99 USD. I am not the biggest of paying money to download mobile games, I would rather the games add the costs to in-game purchases but anyway, that’s a topic for another day. I personally love the fluid graphics that come with this game because they give me that retro feel but at the same time, the gameplay is modern and smooth and I am not surprised that this game already has a solid rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from those of us who have tried it. Let us know in the comments what you think about this game once you decide to try it.

What Is Summer Catchers About?

Summer Catchers lets you embark on an epic road trip adventure of a lifetime in Summer Catchers. With your trusty wooden car you must travel to distant lands full of mystery, strange creatures and exciting races in your quest to finally experience summer.

However the journey won’t be easy. Driving through shadowy forests, dark swamps, vast valleys and underground cities you will encounter obstacles and larger than life situations. With your trusty travel bag in hand, you can work your way through these uncharted lands and just like in real life, find a few friends and secrets along the way.

Summer Catchers Game Features:

  • A unique arcade game that mixes racing, story, rhythm and puzzle elements all into one
  • Uncover all the mysteries and events of this beautiful pixel art world
  • Replay the game to find all the hidden corners the fast traveler might have missed
  • Discover unique abilities and upgrade your car to ride in style

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