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SpotOn Alarm Clock For YouTube on Android 7.0
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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? Check out this new SpotOn Alarm Clock For YouTube, and yes, that is actually the full name of the entire app, I think they could have thought of something more original but at least we know exactly what the app does, right? Let’s go a little deeper.

Today we will showcase an app known as SpotOn Alarm Clock For YouTube coded by Sasa Cuturic, the app basically allows you to use any YouTube song or YouTube playlist as your alarm clock to wake you up. This, believe it or not, is something that many people have been looking for but not many people have figured out how to do it easily without downloading extra crap. This one app fixes all that and their app is very easy to use with a rating of 4.2/5 as we type. So far, people who are using it, like myself, love it. It is new so expect new updates to the UI to make things smoother as time goes. Let’s find out what else makes this app a must download if you are looking for a new alarm clock to start off your busy day.

What Is SpotOn Alarm Clock For YouTube About?

SpotOn Alarm Clock lets you forget about your old digital alarm clock and wake up to your favorite music. SpotOn Music Alarm Clock for YouTube is an amazing alarm clock that lets you pick and set the music you want to wake up to.


SpotOn is a unique alarm clock app that plays YouTube playlists and tracks as the alarm. Schedule your own wake up time with a smart alarm clock, quickly search for any YouTube video and set it as an alarm on your phone or tablet. Use your favorite songs and videos from YouTube as an alarm and start your days like never before!


Not only that your alarm will ring with your favorite tracks, but you can also create YouTube playlists, browse for videos, add the ones you love to your YouTube playlists and shuffle them to wake up to a different song every day. SpotOn is a perfect YouTube alarm app for Android users that want to wake up feeling fresh. Open your eyes with your favorite songs, stop waking up with a boring and common alarm clock!


  • Create your own waking up schedule
  • Add as many alarms as you want
  • Easily search for any YouTube video
  • Add your favorite tracks as a music alarm clock
  • Make your personal music alarm playlists
  • Shuffle playlists & wake up to a different song every day
  • Sort & edit music & videos within the music alarm clock app
  • Enable/Disable with one touch only
  • FREE to use YouTube alarm clock

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