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Hi, everyone I believe your all going great. If youre not complaining well that’s good news, this side is a little bit hot though, so am planning to organize a trip to the lake with my friends and chill out and have fun. Well enough of my personal life and we should get back to work, please read on…

Today we’re introducing a new app that’s going to help those who are blind or visually impaired persons and we are calling it “Be My Eyes.” Lend your eyes to a blind person in need through a live video connection or be assisted by the network of sighted users.

What Is Be My Eyes About?

Be My Eyes is all about contributing and benefiting from small acts of kindness, so hop on board and get involved!

Blind or visually impaired users can request help from a sighted volunteer, who will be notified on their phone. As soon as the first sighted user accepts the request for help, a live audio-video connection will be set up between the two parts. The sighted helper can now assist the blind or visually impaired, through the video connection from the blind or visually impaired users rear-facing camera.

As a sighted user, you are part of the big Be My Eyes volunteer-network, so dont worry about leaving a blind person hanging, if you are not able to answer a request. We will simply forward the request and find the next available volunteer.

The blind or visually impaired person can need help with anything from knowing the expiry date on the milk, to making sure that their clothes match.

Note: We encourage blind or visually impaired users to be patient, when making a request, because we rely on real people to help you. Most calls are answered within 60 seconds.

  • Live audio-video connection between blind or visually impaired and sighted users
  • Add the languages you speak in settings
  • An easy way to make a difference for blind or visually impaired people.

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