Apple Blocks Steam Link from App Store Citing "Business Conflicts"

Apple has denied the approval for Valve’s Steam Link app after it was originally allowed, citing conflicting business interests.

A new story about Apple blocking a particular app from their store come on a monthly basis, and most of the time the company provides a proper explanation or at least a satisfactory one. What we don’t usually get conflicts between Apple and another major company, but in this case it’s Valve.

The Steam Link app was recently announced for both iOS and Android, and it would allow users to stream games from the PC to another device, using only the LAN network. Valve already has a physical device that can do this, so it’s not something entirely new. The Android Beta version seems to be going well, but Apple says that it’s not going to let it exist on their platform.

Business interests? What business interests?

Valve put out a communique explaining why the app was blocked from the store, but the reason is not at all transpare… (read more)

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