A Single Message Can Crash WhatsApp on Android and Even Freeze the Device

iPhones have long been the only ones affected by message bugs that caused apps to crash and devices to freeze completely, but it looks like Android smartphones aren’t immune either.

An issue discovered in WhatsApp for Android can lead not only to the app to crash when receiving a crafted message, but the entire device to go crazy and eventually freeze to the point where a reboot is the only way to get it back in working conditions.

And if the same message is received over and over again, it’s not hard to figure out what can happen, as WhatsApp (and possibly the device) could technically be forced into an infinite crashing loop.

The bug explained

There are two different messages spreading across the web right now and which trigger the bug, though it’s worth knowing that pretty much any text can be crafted in order to cause WhatsApp on Android to crash. But if you receive a message in the form of the following two…

[TERMINAL] “This is very Interes… (read more)

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